Which course do I need?
Take a look at the HSE page, to find the legal first aid training requirements for your business.
When are courses running?
If you have 2 or more people needing training I can come to you and run a course at a date of your choosing at your workplace. This is often cheaper than attending an open course as well as much more convenient. Plus, you're welcome to sell on any spare places.
What prerequisites are there?
To attend an emergency first aid at work course (EFAW), or a 3 day first aid at work initial course, there are no prerequisites except being ready and able to take part in the course. For a 2 day first aid at work refresher course, you need to have completed a first aid at work initial 3 day course or a first aid at work refresher (2 day) course within the last 3 years at the time of the assessment.
How long is the certificate valid for?
Your certificate is valid for three years from the date of the assessment.
My first aid at work certificate is out of date, do I need to do the full 3 day course again?
If your current certificate is more than 30 days out of date at the time of our assessment, you cannot do a 2 day refresher. Instead you have to repeat the 3 day inital course. On the positive side, if you do your refresher early and you have 3 months or less before your old certificate runs out, we can issue you a new certificate valid for 3 years from the date your old one runs out (a bit like MOTs if that makes sense!)
I've got some people who need a 2 day course and some who need a 3 day course. Can you run both courses along side each other?
Sorry. The HSE says we're not allowed to do this.
How long will the certificates take to come through?
We aim to get certifcates processed and with you within 2 weeks.
What do I need to bring?
We'll provide all training materials. Just come dressed appropriately for rolling round on the floor.
Where can you run courses for us?
As long as you have a warm quiet space, with seating, ideally with mains electricity and enough floor space for participants lie down I can come to you and run a first aid course on your premises.
How many people on a course?
You can have a maximum of 12 participants on a course. For larger groups, we can run multiple courses in parallel.
Is there an assessment?
Yes. The 1 day emergency first aid at work course is assessed using continuous assessment, the first aid at work initial and refresher courses have a more formal assessment at the end with an external assessor. Don't worry though - if you pay attention throughout the course and take part in all the activities, you'll be fine!